Meeting senior from college_Ekta Kapoor

Ekta with actors Pavail and Taapsee

Yes, I am talking about Ekta Kapoor, we went to the same college – Mithibai. Our college seniors are from Kareena Kapoor to Vivek Oberoi, to Anu Mallick, Karishma, Ajay Devgan and the likes. Be it Dubai or Hong Kong, or Bombay, wherever I go, I end up meeting people from our college. Mithibai was one of the best thing to happen in our life. So, did Ekta said, “I barely attended college, I was always in the canteen.” She did use the canteen of our college to write some of her first scripts which made her what she is today after two decades of being a household name.

Dobaaraa cast and producer Ekta

Ekta came to Calcutta with these two actors Pavail Gulati and Taapsee Panu, both from Delhi who have started their journey in Indian film industry with some thought-provoking films like Thappad which was aptly woman-centric. The movie is a slap to this male-dominated chauvinist society. Pavail is quite a charming and handsome boy, evidently coz he is from South Delhi. I lived in South Delhi for a year and Pavail is nothing different from other South Delhi boys I met there.

A friend Saahil (agarwal) hosted the event

I asked Pavail that his recent film which is released this Friday “Dobaaraa” has received a grand reception in London India Film Festival and what are his predictions for the Indian subcontinent and south-east Asia. He was silent for a moment and then he said, “I am just two-films old and I am not predicting. But genuinely hoping that you all will give us a lot of love by watching this sci-fi movie.” Pavail looks very handsome and wish he could have ventured into modelling but I am sure, people would watch his film coz he acts quite well and making his mark.

It’s never too late for a selfie for journalists and bloggers.

Pavail looked really hot in his half-sleeve multi-coloured shirt and black trousers, atypical South-Delhi boy who hesitates to speak in English but compensates with his boyish looks and muscles. Nevertheless, his acting was commendable in Thappad and hope Doobaraa will get a greater response since it’s tapping into a lot of novelty. He stayed back for the Talk Show on women empowerment and told us about his experiences.

Ekta and Pavail being felicitated by ICBI

Dobaaraa is a remake of the Spanish film Mirage which saw equal success in the theatres of Madrid, Barcelona and Malaga. I asked Taapsee if her acting was inspired by the Spanish actress. To which she told me, “The story might be similar but the character-sketch and relationships of Spanish and Indian sensibilities are a bit different. You must see the film and tell me how you liked it.” Taapsee is a typical Delhi girl and I am glad that her acting is very multifaceted too.

Ekta speaks about woman empowerment

Ekta is all gaga about this sci-fi film and she said to me, “This is like the biggest ode to the Spanish directors that we got the rights to the script and we made it in Hindi too. I think you will like it.” Ekta is super sweet, it’s the same with all our alumini from Mithibai, one thread that keeps us united is our foundation that we had in our college in our formative years in Mumbai, and off course the bonds we made in our college canteen.