Met Tiffany Tavernier and Srijit Mukherji in Calcutta

I happen to meet famous French writer and director Tiffany Tavernier in a film screening which was held in the city lately. After the screening, I could chat with Tiffany and Nicolas Facino, director of Alliance Française Calcutta over tea about our love for French classical films. I’ve traveled to Paris for the 2020 new year, just before the pandemic which I feel is a blessing to experience such a beautiful European city. France was very cultural and people were extremely sweet in Paris, it is a must-visit for anyone who loves arts & fashion.

In another event, I am glad that I could meet Srijit Mukherjee at The Park in Calcutta for the promotions of his impending movie Sherdil which is a social satire. The national award-winning director and writer said, “Awards are a corollary of an apposite story…” We do hope he keeps on making meaningful movies that is a depiction of the reality through his lens. His previous film Autograph is one of my favourites and we send him our best wishes. Srijit has contributed well to the Indian cinema through his numerous award-winning films.