Memorable Moscow/Europe Diaries

I have been thinking of writing this blog for ages, but somehow I wasn’t getting the time or the inspiration to pen my thoughts. My blog is a personal reflection of my journey which might seem external, but it is evidently internal as much as it is external. Perfectly apposite and befitting in the journey called life.

I met Rajveer from Bathinda who was flying to Berlin via Moscow and I was flying to Prague/eventually Paris via Moscow. I just texted him back a few days earlier and he seems happy in Berlin, or well might be missing desi ghee parantha of Punjab too.

On reaching Moscow, I met Sasha Nashe who welcomed me to Russia and got me acquainted with the beautiful Russian hospitality. Sasha is local and he later treated me to some local food which was mainly potato and chicken, his English was funny and sweet which made the conversation more exotic and memorable. One thing with Russian people, they never allowed me to pay for any meals!

Russians are the most friendly people in Europe I met, their love for Indians was a novelty for me. Everywhere I went, people simply didn’t allow me to pay for train tickets or coffee or food. It just felt as if the whole country was treating me like their own personal guest/family (someone of their own), such was the Russian hospitality. The cold winter perchance made it more special as the memories become warmer like the people there. Thank God for Russians, my entire trip to Europe started and culminated in the most remarkable way.

My next destination was Red Square and Gregory took me there, and as usual, paid for my train tickets. I have never been to a far warmer country, where everyone treats you like a guest/family. Some of them even know how to say ‘namaste’, ‘aap kaise ho’, ‘mai tumse pyar karta hu’, ‘mai India gaya hu’ and other sweet words like this. Even though Russia is so cold in winters, people have the warmest heart in this country.

The Red Square was an amazing place to visit and so many tourists were there, mostly Russians from other cities and also from Eastern Europe and the nearby neighboring countries. There was a mall beside the Red Square that was rather so huge that you may take a whole day to finish it. One thing was very evident, the Russian people love Indians that dates back to a century. Otherwise, many Russians travel to Goa during the new year and consider Goa as a famous travel destination for them in India apart from Rishikesh for guys who are yoga-lovers.

The trains in Moscow were really comfy, one rather feels very warm inside as they all have centralized heating. They serve food and refreshments inside the train, so you would never feel hungry when you are travelling. Plus, the people and the view from the window makes the journey all the more memorable. The only regret I had is, why I didn’t spend more time in Russia that really felt like a second home with the warmth, love and affection that local people showed.

The travel fun never stops! Off course, I had to fly to Europe as I was dying to see the Eiffel Tower. But honestly, there is so much in Moscow to explore and a mere two days was not enough. It only leaves one craving for more! Someday, I will take at least 2 weeks time off from work and explore the beautiful Russia and the people. It is truly a very romantic city to travel and indeed I assume to live also. But I wish, people would speak a bit more English, then travelling and living would be easier. However, as they say friendship and love has no language, part of the reason Moscow seemed so romantic was perchance the lack of comprehension and English. Sometimes, some words are best unspoken. Romantic Russia!

Somewhere in the sky, flying from Moscow to Europe.

See you soon beautiful and romantic Russia!