Beautiful Prague/Europe Diaries

Flying Prague from Moscow …

This is probably my first blog I am writing using the wordpress app in my iPhone. Rightly said, we travel not to escape life, but for life, not to escape us. These words could not be any more true, ever since I stepped out of my home at the age of 18, the travel bug did bit me. I got hooked to watching the sunrise from Eiffel Tower, to waking up in Liwa in Abu Dhabi, to meditating in Rishikesh/climbing the Big Buddha in Hong Kong or waiting for 3 hours to meet (read see) Monalisa, and off course hugging a cute camel while watching sunset in Dubai.

Somewhere in the sky in Europe

This blog is about Prague, a tiny city in Europe, capital of Czech Republic. It’s not tiny really, but compared to Paris and Moscow, Prague seemed like a sweet village decorated and designed in such a way to make everyone feel happy and contended. So, no two places are similar and every city brings forth new friends, new lovers and endless possibilities to fill your heart with boundless love…

Praha, most beautiful European city!

The number one thing that I love about solo-traveling is the feeling of taking control of your own life… It’s knowing that you have the power to design and execute the life that you want to live… You have the complete freedom and independence to make every decision for yourself… Here, I will tell you about solo-travel in Prague, a city that is most beautiful and where I fell madly in love with the people ❤️

It was freezing cold in November in Prague…

For me, Prague was the first city I visited in Europe and then flew to Paris via Düsseldorf/Germany. So, Prague has a special place in my heart. The hostel I stayed, had the most beautiful person (a woman) at the reception whose smile is enough to make you feel so elated, she had that friendly smile that makes you wanna forget every pain in life and embrace the moment.