My Europe Diaries

Sou in Paris

I think everyone loves Europe, so do I. When I was small, I always wanted to visit Europe to see their culture, their city, to be with them, even if it was for a bit. My first relationship was with someone from Austria (Graz), we lived together for almost a year, we were both 18 and 19 that time, that was my first flavour of Europe in India.

Paris 001

Something about Europe is charming, every city is so different from others. I visited Prague and Paris, and passed by Dusseldorf. To me, Prague was like the real Europe even though I spent more time in Paris. Paris has an aura of it’s own, the romance, the glamour, the glitz, the parties, the people – it’s just intoxicating.


Prague at other hand is just beautiful, nice people, helpful and extremely friendly. It is definitely a quiet city than Paris. In this trip, I also spend some time in Russia, it’s capital Moscow where I was charmed by the friendliness of Russians.

Paris 004

I literally met strangers and they didn’t even allow me to buy train tickets, they bought it for me, escorted me to Red Square, that’s my amazing Russian experience in this trip. I started my Europe trip in Prague and last 2 days were also in Prague.

Paris 003

I developed a beautiful friendship with this small European city, it’s marvelous palaces and ancient bridges. The humility of Czech people was something that touched my heart a lot. Paris on the contrary, was like madness, super busy and glamourous, romantic!

Paris 002

Paris is more sensual than romantic. You are always on the run in Paris, while you sit and enjoy your coffee quietly in Prague. The hostel I stayed in Paris literally had almost new roommates every single night, I came to sleep there.

Paris 005

However, in Prague, I stayed in a beautiful little hostel last winter, where I made some amazing friends. There was a local guy who carried my suitcase and got me in the tram, I felt so sorry for shouting at him as he was walking fast. Off course, he spoke in Czech and me in English. That was some language barrier evidently from both of our end.

Paris 006

I promised myself that second time I will be in Prague, I will stay in the same hostel and if I meet him (I think, he lived in the neighborhood), I will say Sorry and Thank you to him. He helped me as if he knew me for ages.

Paris 007

However, I was freaking out coz I was scared of getting late for my Paris flight. Later on, I realized he was right and got me in the right tram and I reached the airport fast. More than anything, I remember this generosity from a complete stranger in Prague.

Paris 008

I have spent less time in Prague than Paris, but I can write a whole novel on Prague with that experience. I made a very special friend Alex, who is from Kyiv. He was my roommate, my friend, my guide in Prague (to Europe).

Paris 009

Alex cooked for me at 4am when I was hungry, he waited for me at the bridge when I came back and took me for walks around the bridge near to our hostel. That was my last night in Europe and he made it so special with his stories, tea, cookies and those walks.

Paris 010

Plus, the lady at the hostel had the best smile I have ever seen in the world. Czech people are super sweet and Prague is such a dear country to visit. Paris was different, romantic, charming, everything extreme. Paris was busy, really busy, exciting and vibrant too.

Prague 001

Paris had the big city charm, the first time I saw Eiffel Tower, I was with another traveler from United States and one from Calcutta (I just met him in the train). The rest of the days, I spent taking a boat ride, visiting Louvre, eating at Champs-Élysées.

Prague 002

Paris was romantic in its own way, I was riding a bicycle and fell down in front of Lovre, outside a hotel. There was an Arab guy who picked me up and made me sit in his store and gave me ice water to heal my injuries in my left hand. His brother gave me candies.

Russia 001

I will never forget his kindness in an unknown land. However, as I say, to me, Paris was full of glamour and of course way too expensive than Prague. It’s like a dream, that I will always cherish and re-visit, those moments many many times in my life…

Russia 002

I am sharing my memories of Prague, Paris and Moscow for you…Life is a constant travel, the more we travel, the more we get to know our true self…Carpe Diam :))