KomicSutra in Hong Kong

Words fail me to write this blog. Nitin is not just another famous comedian from Mumbai who has international echelon. He is a legend in the making who made his niche in Dubai (as he is born there) and then shifted to Mumbai sometime back.

Nitin in HK

This is what Nitin send us in Insta as soon as he is back in Mumbai. He makes me miss Mumbai more and more, the city I left over 5 years back when I took a 3 hour one-way Emirates flight to Dubai. Nitin is more than just a friend, he is an inspiration.

Nitin in Mumbai

His next post from Mumbai for us is “Never LAUGH At Those Who Dare to Dream. Yours Could Be A JOKE To Someone too.” Indeed true, when I first met Nitin, I got the same feeling when I had first interviewed Shah Rukh Khan. Nitin is not just an comedian-actor, he is someone who can make anyone feel happy in his show and even in his presence. And I was super happy to see him with SRK on the stage earlier in Dubai. I was so proud of Nitin and happy for him.

Nitin and SRK.jpg

Seeing Nitin so successful, I felt so successful. I met him after 3 long years in Hong Kong. I love the way he calls, “How are you baba?” He has become so big and famous in the past few years, but he definitely knows how to keep friendship alive. And off course, every city/country I live in, he is there to perform. Hong Kong loves Nitin, and I do hope we can bring him back here soon. His comedy is incredibly amazing and hilarious.

Nitin in HK 2018

Revel Events in association with Vault has organised an amazing show. We are so thankful to Rani and Harry from Revel, and Amit from Vault for bringing Nitin to Hong Kong and having a great Bollywood after-party after KomicSutra in Hong Kong.

Nitin with HK group

I do hope Revel Events and Vault will bring back Nitin in Hong Kong soon. Nitin’s sindhi jokes were classic. He connects so well with the audience that his audience loves him so much, He is not just a comedian, he is a legend in the making.

Nitin with us in HK.jpeg

Wish you all the best Nitin and hope you emerge successful always xoxo 🙂

Here’s more about Nitin 🙂
Nitin Mirani in Los Angeles – https://youtu.be/F2xREWQF8-s
(Sou is a fashion and lifestyle journalist for a magazine in Hong Kong)