Nitin Mirani in Hong Kong

Nitin in HK

I just couldn’t believe my eyes, when I saw my iPhone flashing Nitin’s message inviting me for his show in Hong Kong. I am meeting him almost after 3 years. When I started my journalism in The Deccan Chronicle in Mumbai covering all the fashion weeks, I meet Sneha. Later met Nitin in Dubai and they were literally like family, I miss Dubai so much.

Nitin in Dubai

Nitin has become so big and world famous, and I am so proud of him. I am a fashion journalist and I understand fashion but I don’t understand much about comedy, but I know he makes everyone laugh like anything. I was invited for shows of Maz Jobrani, Vir Das, and some other comedians in Mumbai and Dubai. I feel Nitin has a personal touch with the audience, which his audience likes and thats why they love him so much. I work for a fashion and lifestyle magazine in Hong Kong, and after a hectic Hong Kong Fashion Week and crazy deadlines, I am all excited to attend Nitin‘s show and laugh out loud.

Nitin in HK - Show.jpeg

And Nitin is so handsome, I wish I can connivence my Editor-in-Chief to put him in the magazine cover where I work for in Hong Kong. I am sure to fill the pages of our magazine with his photos in one of the upcoming issues.

Wish you all the best Nitin and hope you emerge successful always xoxo 🙂

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(Sou is a fashion and lifestyle journalist for a magazine in Hong Kong)