The Art of Drafting a Pattern


By: Team RajaFashions, Hong Kong Bureau | Tailoring

Pattern Making 001

A suit that has been hand made to fit you perfectly has the potential to make you look and feel great and by choosing a bespoke tailor-made suit is a worthwhile investment for a special occasion. Behind every stylish bespoke suit lies great hand-drafted patterns. The most common drafting methods used by the top-end bespoke tailors are pattern manipulation and drafting formula.

A skilled tailor will begin by taking many detailed measurements whilst taking into account your body shape, your stance and your gait before creating a hand-crafted pattern. This is where choosing a bespoke suit really comes into its own and because all tailor-made suits are cut from a hand-drafted pattern, they offer unparalleled fit.

Pattern Manipulation is the most common system used. A pre-existing basic block pattern is used as a template, a starting point to create an improved, individual bespoke…

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