By: Team RajaFashions, Hong Kong Bureau | Bespoke Tailoring

Raja fitting a Customer

Sick of Savile Row rates and high-street horrors? Compared to the scoring high prices of Savile Row, Hong Kong tailors are coveted for tailoring a good bespoke suit, incredibly fast at one-third of the price.

Since imperial times, Hong Kong is renowned for quality tailor-made shirts and suits at unbelievable rates. When the tourist business fell after the Hong Kong handover, most of the bespoke tailors of Hong Kong took their sartorial show on the road.

They now spend six to nine months of the year in Europe, America and Australia setting up a shop in hotels and being invited in by the executives of big companies. Amongst them, when you want the quality names, look no further than Raja Fashions to customize a chic season-appropriate suit tailored with great panache.

You can have a variety of fantastic suits made at Raja Fashions with…

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