Windowpane Suits


By: Team RajaFashions, Hong Kong Bureau | Suits

The windowpane suits are making a bold return and has been asserting itself with increasing frequency on the Tinseltown, as well in the collections of traditionalists. This season windowpane suits are back in, so if you want to flex your sartorial muscles, it’s time to tailor one for yourself as this trend is here to stay at least till next spring/summer. When you want the most quality names, look no further than Raja Fashions to customize a chic season-appropriate windowpane suit tailored with great panache.

Herein are the top three that you should customize this season –


RF - Windowpane Suit 003

When a new trend starts in menswear, and if it’s strong, the first season we see, it is just the beginning. There will emphatically be future reverberations. That’s what we saw avec this grey flannel with blue windowpane double-breasted suit.


RF - Windowpane Suit 001

This skinny…

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