Three-Piece Suits


By: Team RajaFashions, Hong Kong Bureau | Suits

From Charles II to the Teddy boys and beyond, the three-piece suit has been one of the most intimidating form of timeless menswear. It became a business staple in the early Eighties, when it was sported by a generation of young professionals who wanted to dress as well as act the part. When you want the most quality names, look no further than Raja Fashions to customize a chic season-appropriate three-piece suit tailored with great panache.

Herein are the top three that you should customize this season –


RF - Three-piece suits - Milled finish sky blue with peak lapels – a really interesting combination that works especially well those accessories. The cream buttons are fantastic.

This milled finish sky blue three-piece suit has been asserting itself with increasing frequency on red carpet, as well in the collections of traditionalists. The cream buttons makes you look dapper – even downright heroic.


RF - This is a glorious suit and probably the best wedding suit on this list - milled finish windowpane with a double breasted waistcoat

This milled finish windowpane three-piece suit with a double-breasted waistcoat makes a powerful impression and also…

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