Double-Breasted Suit


By: Team RajaFashions, Hong Kong Bureau | Trends

The double-breasted suit has been featured heavily on the international runaway and won over the hearts of high-flying fashionistas. Like much of menswear, this contentious fashion statement descended from 17th-century military uniforms and frock coats. It has circumscribed its appeal to the runaway, hence it would make a unique statement even if you wear it in a simple classic cut. Connect with our specialized team to embrace this trend at the right time.


RF - Double Breasted Suit - Tailoring

Tailoring is the essential key in vanquishing this transeasonal trend. You can really taper the waist in for an ace suave and sleek look or wear it in a straight classic cut. Each look has its own doyen, it is up to you to know whatever style would make you feel most comfortable.

The Colour

RF - Double Breasted Suit - Colour 2

You can make your double-breasted suit more contemporary with different colours. Conventionally, it…

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