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RF - David Bowie - F

What are the David Bowie iconic looks that you can emulate at Raja Fashions this 2016 Fall/Winter?

A reverence to ‪‎the legendary David Bowie from ‪Raja Fashions’ team. He was an epitome of ‪style‬, enduringly enigmatic, eerily ageless and utterly essential. That’s THE unforgettable ‪David Bowie‬. To celebrate Bowie’s style legacy this Fall/Winter, we take a look at his most iconic looks over the years that not only inspired the men today, but also birthed trends that have influenced contemporary men’s fashion.

Herein are David Bowie’s top three iconic looks –

The impeccably-cut SUIT

RF - David Bowie wearing his impeccably cut suit.

Bowie had Ziggy Stardust and the Thin White Duke under his belt before he was 30. Some of his best looks of all have been his straightest: impeccably cut suits. Calling Bowie a fashion icon is perhaps one of the biggest understatements, since he has influenced countless men over…

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