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Kolkata, the city of joy is the city that touches my soul. It is the most archaic and pedantic city in my eyes. This is the city, I began my journalism stint with The Telegraph. I still remember how I and Jayanti Di (my photographer who now lives in London) used to go around the city, especially on occasions like Saraswati Puja or Independence Day and cover stories for the TT. Kolkata, makes me look back to my roots where I started my journalism career with ABP. Being back from Abu Dhabi, I didn’t know what to expect when I took that 3 hours Etihad flight to Mumbai, India. The same week, I accepted an offer to join as a Manager, heading the Digital Marketing department for an American healthcare company’s branch office in Calcutta. I had been sick due to this change of weather, and once I woke up on Saturday afternoon, my iPhone displayed 9 missed calls and flashing emails and whatsapp notifications. I saw messages from Prerna from Media Connect, an old PR friend who insisted me to attend an opening of an interior store named “AJ’s Home Couture” by bollywood actress Ameesha Patel. So, I finally got ready and ended up attending the launch. Ameesha looked pretty and gorgeous in a conventional Indian silhouette. In my chat with her, I asked her what about her feelings about the city of joy, and the damsel happily told me, “Sou, I love this city. Kolkata is so vibrant and always on the move. People here are so loving and caring. But traffic here is just impossible. I thought only Mumbai traffic was bad but here it is worse… I love to gorge on misti doi and rossogolla… I wish I would attend the Durga Puja here, I have heard so much about the Puja. It’s the biggest festival here and it coincides with the Navratri celebrated in Mumbai with equal pomp… Kolkata has the sweetness, just like the Bengal delicacies…” I couldn’t agree more with Ameesha, despite the hectic traffic and the noise (which can be such an assault to your senses), I love the reticent lifestyle in Kolkata – it portrays the archaic India that people lived during the bygone British Raj. I met Abhishek, the mastermind behind AJ’s Home Couture…a young 25-year-old interior designer/entrepreneur who told me, “Sou, a luxurious home can be defined on the basis of a skill for curating, attention to detail, quality of furnishings and interiors, an element of surprise and warmth of course!” I truly believe in this, but having lived in almost 4 different cities in the past 2 years like a bedouin/a nomadic tribe, I feel home is where heart is. I also met my old journalist friend Animesh who is a popular radio-jockey (at 91.9 Friends FM) in the city and he invited me to his studio for a chat-show. I am so excited about it. Couldn’t have expected for a better Saturday evening! Long live Kolkata and the spirit that dwells in the city of joy! 🙂 😀 🙂

How much do I rate AJ’s Home Couture?

Design: 9.5/10

(fell in love with the beautiful world clocks…and guess what? it’s affordable too, starts from 18,000 INR/ $275 only)

…some of the pieces are all the way from Belgium, Italy and other parts of Europe…

Value for Money: 9/10

Ambience: 9.5/10

SouBoyy Recommendation? Yes! Must Visit on this upcoming Durga Puja ❤

Ameesha Patel in Kolkata (AJ's) - SouBoyy Image

Ameesha being surrounded by her fans and the paparazzi at the launch of AJ’s Home Couture in Kolkata.

Sou and Abhishek from AJ's House - SouBoyy Image

Sou and Abhi, the 25-year-old talented interior designer/owner of AJ’s Home Couture.

Sou, Rakesh, Animesh at AJ's Home Couture - SouBoyy Image

The Journo Connection – Sou, Rakesh and RJ Animesh (from Friends FM) reunites in Kolkata.


Sou is an ex-journalist, presently a Digital Marketing Manager for an American MNC.