Abu Dhabi Art Hub Exhibition

Laurel Moore

adah 1

Artist Laurel Moore in Abu Dhabi, in UAE  United Arab Emirates

Here I am with Mr. Ahmed Saleh Al Yafei owner/founder of Abu Dhabi Art Hub and Chairman of Osan Group UAE.

He says:

”Within individual life journey, every person may claim an achievement that is embedded with his mind so that it can be called a lifetime achievement.”

”Within my life , I have been given the chance to serve my community, country and humanity. In every job and every task I strive for an outcome of which I can be proud.  To date Abu Dhabi Art Hub Initiative is in the top of all my achievements, and my aim and my dream is to convert this initiative to last a lifetime providing a service to the community and to my beloved city, Abu Dhabi………..” Mr. Ahmed Saleh Al Yafei  Abu Dhabi Art Hub

It was such a great…

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