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I remember spending my last Valentine’s Day with my dearest AVG at the Dubai Mall…shopping, eating and chatting…thank God it was Jumma, we utilised the entire holiday talking about everything under the sky…my new life in Dubai, how much I miss Mumbai, how much Mumbai (read Bandra) misses me, and the list goes on… I still feel Thursday evenings are weekends for me, and I feel fully alive in Jumma, I feel like a Prince… Well, Valentine’s Day is knocking the door, the city is gearing up for the day of romance… I was unwell, my iPhone kept on ringing…once I woke up, after my afternoon siesta, my iPhone displayed 9 missed calls and 14 iMessages… Tulika called me again and insisted that I come and meet June Malia at the Valentine’s buffet festival at Teekha, a restaurant owned by young Pratik Agarwal… I accepted the invitation and headed for Teekha the following day…On arrival, we were welcomed by Silky who looked pretty in a green ensemble… After a round of mock-tails, was my tête-à-tête with the gorgeous June Malia…she is a versatile national-award winning actress, a philanthropist and also a member of WB Women’s Commission… We chatted on various topics including diverse cuisines… “Sou, I am a vehement fan of oriental cuisine…My family tells me, in my past life, I must have been oriental… I totally adore Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and Korean recipes… Pad Thai is definitely my favourite, followed by Japanese Sushi and I have a weakness for Chinese too… And when it comes to Middle-Eastern food, I love Turkish and Lebanese cuisines…  However, vegetarian food also appeals me a lot…look at the Valentine’s buffet at Teekha – it is certainly a gastronomic delight…some of the delicacies are wok tossed vegetable, tofu in black bean sauce, spinach corn au gratin, pasta and the likes…And Sou, the best way to reach anyone’s heart is through their stomach…good food can win love and is an undeviating route to happiness…” I couldn’t agree more…After chewing the fat with June, and gratifying ourselves with some luscious indian and oriental cuisine, I instantly felt happy and grateful for the wonderful buffet. I remembered the first time I had a Sushi at HongKong airport and my first time with Pad Thai at Bangkok – I better leave the anecdote for another blog… And my love for Turkish and Lebanese food goes back with my love for Middle East, a place that I love and it is most difficult to explain the love for this region – it’s intense and deep-rooted in my heart… So, on that note, we wrapped up with some appetising deserts… Sudatta, one of my friends, who sat down with me for the lunch reminded me that some delights are enigmatically sinful…indeed! 🙂 😀 🙂

How much do I rate Teekha Restaurant?

Food: 9.5/10

Service: 9/10

Value: 9/10

Ambience: 9.5/10

SouBoyy Recommendation? Yes! Must Visit on this Valentine’s Day ❤

June Malia at Teekha - SouBoyy

June Malia with SouBoyy at Teekha

SouBoyy and Silky at Teekha

SouBoyy and Tulika at Teekha

SouBoyy at Teekha


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