Jantar Mantar


Staying on the topic of giant clocks, I found some more old pictures from my trip to Jaipur in Dec. 2011, where we visited Jantar Mantar. I still remember the guide starting the tour by explaining, “Jantar means instrument,  Mantar means calculation”…and I am thinking to myself, “Shoot! Like forever, I thought jantar mantar were some magic words…like abracadabra“. Let me not tell you what that one sentence did to my sense of self-esteem!

The structure in yellow in the photo below is a sundial – essentially a clock! Funny how I managed to find not one, but two giant clocks thousands of miles apart! Both of them reputedly among the world’s largest. Not that I am particularly fond of clocks or good at time management. I mean, I don’t even wear a freaking watch.

The giant sundial, also know as the Samrat Yantra, in Jantar Mantar complex in Jaipur. Those specks along the sloping edge of the sundial are pigeons - all dutifully lined up as twilight approaches. (Dec. 2011) The giant sundial, also know as the Samrat Yantra…

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