A Glimpse of Jaipur in Kolkata

By: Osim Kureshi, Team SouBoyy, SouBoyy Bureau, India | LifeStyle and Travel

Silky and Tulika had invited us to the Nicco Park Grounds in an event that displayed the dessert life that prevails in Jaipur, that is often more popularly known as the Pink City by travellers. Osim and me were welcomed by Silky who greeted us with a cake as it was pre-Christmas. Here are the pics for my blog friends. And I must say, for a moment, I felt as if I was transported to the beautiful Jaipur where once I was invited to cover the Rajasthan Fashion Week, during the time when I was working with the Times of India briefly after my graduation. The memories came flashing by and I was delighted to get a glimpse of Jaipur in the City of Joy, and I ❤ ❤ ❤ Jaipur 🙂

How much do I rate the Lok Sanskriti Rajasthan Mela?

9 on 10, the ambience was excellent…it truly felt I was in the enchanting Jaipur 🙂

Would I recommend you to visit this fair?

100% recommendation, you must visit this fair if you wanna get the feel of desert in the City of Joy 🙂

Osim and SouBoyy gets a feel of the desert life at Lok Sanskriti Rajasthani Mela

SouBoyy takes a selfie with the camel at Lok Sanskriti Rajasthani Mela

SouBoyy warms his hand at the bonfire at Lok Sanskriti Rajasthani Mela

SouBoyy witnesses traditional dance at Lok Sanskriti Rajasthani Mela


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