David Beckham: A sportsman fashion

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David Robert Joseph Beckham with 38 years old, the best free throw shooter  in the world announces that is enough to play soccer, he has fulfilled his dreams


Confirming the blockbuster announcement, Beckham said: ‘I’m thankful to PSG for giving me the opportunity to continue but I feel now is the right time to finish my career, playing at the highest level.’  

After soccer…

Following his involvement with the team Paris Saint-Germain, the followers of this successful retired footballer were in waiting to know … What will do  this millionaire man?

I think he retired at a time when we are satisfied with their work in soccer.
It’s good to start other stages, we know that doesnt work out of necessity, ..Maybe its  only a hobby.
He has enough money to live 5 lives and not work.
Very good for Beckham who makes money doing fashion.


Jus like his wife…

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