Chat with SouBoyy: Nandana Sen on Rang Rasiya

By: Team SouBoyy, SouBoyy Bureau, India | Bollywood & Celebrities

I am invited by Rang Rasiya‘s PR team (Neha from Broadcast Media) at Inox, South City (Kolkata) to meet the cast post the film’s premiere. I am meeting Nandana (Sen) after pretty longtime, coz she did vanish for a while after her super-hit bengali film Autograph… When I ask her that, she replies, “Sou, amaake to kokhonoi beshi dhekha jeto na…” That is true, she meant, she was never too much visible. But when she becomes visible, she comes back with films that touches your heart. I was sitting right behind Nandana at Rang Rasiya’s premiere, while Randeep (Hooda) prefers to sit on the stairs with Ketan (Mehta). After the film, I told Nandana, “I had tears in my eyes, you acted so well…” Nandana humbly replies, “Tahole tomar sob bondhu-der dekhte bolo…” (then tell all your friends to watch it). Indeed I will! I am so glad it is finally releasing in India, and wish Ketan and team all the best from the core of our heart…

The film revolves around the life of 19th century Indian painter Raja Ravi Varma and his muse Sugandha. Rest, you gotta watch!…

How much do I rate the film?

Clearly, a 9 out of 10!

Why should you watch the film?

The film has a story that will touch your heart. And off course, Nandana and Randeep’s acting is truly noteworthy in the film.

Rang Rasiya Review by SouBoyy 2

Nandana Sen chats with SouBoyy at Rang Rasiya's premiere at Kolkata 2

Randeep Hooda chats with SouBoyy at rang Rasiya's premiere in Kolkata 2


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