Chat with SouBoyy: Shah Rukh Khan in Kolkata

By: Team SouBoyy, SouBoyy Bureau, India | Bollywood & Celebrities

Just three months back, I met SRK at an event in Dubai where he was promoting his own real estate company. It was surprising for me when Happy New Year’s PR team (Prerna and Ankit from MediaConnect) invited me to meet SRK in Kolkata. As usual, SRK is a charmer and he charms the hell out of me always. A major portion of the film was shot in Dubai, with Atlantis the Palm figuring prominently in the proceedings. So, when I asked him about Dubai, he smiles and tells me, “Sou, for me Dubai is not even second home, its home. Dubai presents itself in the most beautiful way. It’s the new hub of the world. I feel a lot of love in UAE. I am so glad that Farah made this film…” And what about Kolkata, SRK? “Sou, I have no words to explain Kolkata. I was just telling Farah and everyone while driving down in the car today… I told Abhi and Dips too, that they need to come down to Kolkata more often. This is the only city where I can stick my neck out of the car and feel so much warmth and so much love… And I love maach bhaja (bengali fish fry)…” I cannot agree more with SRK. I wish SRK all success in his birthday, May you always brim with happiness and joy, my super-star SRK. We simply love you for what you are! 🙂

Shah Rukh Khan poses for the SouBoyy camera at The Oberoi Grand, Kolkata

SouBoyy with Ismail Mallick meeting Shah Rukh Khan in Kolkata


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