Elements & Organza

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Apart from the chance I got to attend one of 125Live’s Creativity talks with Prof. Frances Corner of London College of Fashion on the 17th last week (read about it here), I managed to catch a glimpse of some amazing artwork.

Where: The Brick Lane Gallery, Annexe (Shoreditch, LDN)
Who: Sandra Menant

brick lane 1

Upon entering I was swept into the vibrant world of waves and flames. The French artist’s pieces allow to be interpreted freely and give that soft fluid feeling I associate almost exclusively with meditation. The combination of colours, surfaces and textures leaves the door open for exploration and lets the beholder discover new dimensions with every look, especially the works in which Sandra has featured organza .

brick lane 2

Those two pieces I was particularly absorbed by. The right one resonating with my flower-loving feminine nature, but the flow of forms and shadows also reminiscing of waves, water, wind…

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