Deepika Padukone cleavage controversy: TOI Entertainment gets defensive on Twitter


Deepika Padukone who openly slammed a leading daily for overtly showcasing her ‘cleavage,’ has got revert from the news portal.

The news website has taken up the issue rather defensively and tweeted to Deepika Padukone.

@deepikapadukone , It’s a compliment! You look so great that we want to make sure everyone knew! 🙂

Now, this defense has even encountered enough rage from the fellow Bollywood people. Questions like what kind of ‘beauty’ the daily wanted ‘everyone’ to know about are taking the rounds on the entire social media.

The Finding Fanny actress, who uses Twitter mostly to promote her films lashed out to a leading daily on a news piece titled, ‘OMG! Deepika Padukone’s cleavage show.’

Deepika had showed a rigid stance on such news; she even bombarded a few back-to-back tweets expressing her rage. In her first tweet, she seemed to be exposing the news site with a picture…

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