I was staying at ITC Sonar, when Sanjay’s event was on. I came down to interview Kareena as she was promoting her newest movie. I met Sana there and we had coffee, while we were coming down, I heard a familiar voice. I was amazed at the sight, there she stood – elegant, graceful and beautiful as ever, my Aditi Di! Yes, she was my ex-colleague in The Telegraph when I had joined them in my early days. Aditi Dutta, now she has become an Art Curator and Lifestyle designer, she founded a small boutique store called “Aakar” near Gariahat – it stocks amazing sarees, bags, accessories and the moment you enter her store, you are transported into a different world – a world that any Bengali would love, especially a world that NRIs like us seldom get in our daily lives. What followed next, was a huge hug and I instantly felt like the “small Sourendra” of Aditi Di. She is such a sweetheart, one of the reasons I became a journalist was her motivation when I was in school and started writing for The Telegraph (ABP). She was hosting an art exhibition at ITC Sonar – I am posting pictures of some of the paintings for my dear readers. If you get a chance, you must meet her, buy some of the lovely paintings from ITC Sonar on Sundays and shop from her beautiful Aakar plus chat with her over a cuppa tea. Latter, she invited me for a beautiful Bengali concert at Sunit Art Gallery, Gariahat. “Samapatan” was a delightful presentation by Aditi Sen Chattopadhyay’s evocative poems and Hriya Banerjee’s marvellous rendition of Tagore songs. Some of the who’s who of Bengali artist fraternity came as guests too, the likes of painter Samir Aich, vocal artiste Rajyashree Bandopadhyay, poets Mrinal Basu Choudhury and Sayed Hasmat Jalal. I have no words to express, how great I felt in that evening. I felt so proud to be in Kolkata and to be Bengali, and so grateful to hear Tagore’s amazing songs. When I used to miss Kolkata, I remember walking down at Dubai Marina and listening to Tagore’s songs from my iPhone – it always helps a bengali in any part of the world. I wish Aditi Di all success for her store Aakar and her art exhibition at ITC that will run on every Sunday for another 52 weeks. I am sure, whenever I will be in Calcutta, I will meet Aditi Di – it feels great to be back to one’s roots, the strong roots that helps you to become a tree one day 🙂

Aditi Dutta

Aditi Di looks pretty in her red saree (with designer Sharbari Datta)

Here’s some beautiful paintings from Aakar’s exhibition at ITC Sonar —

Aakar Paintings - Ganpati on Cloth

Aakar Paintings - Ganpati on Canvas

Aakar Paintngs - Horse


Aditi Sen Chattopadhyay and Hriya Banerjee at Sunit Art Gallery, Kolkata.


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