In Conversation With The Moulin Rouge Troupe

Fashion Most Wanted

By: Sourendra Kumar Das

The very name of Moulin Rouge exudes French elegance. From its inception in 1889, it has evolved in many ways and entertains people world over. Recently, Accour and AirFrance brought the Moulin Rouge troupe — Shaune Collard, Nora Mogalle, Natalie Sims, Popov Sergii and Sheherbak Nikolay — to Mumbai. In conversation with them…

Q: What brings you to India and what do you love the most about India?
Natalie Sims: I am German, and have heard a lot about India and I am glad to get a chance to perform in this beautiful country. After this performance, I want to see the Taj Mahal in Agra.
Nora Mogalle: I am born English and always wanted to see India. I love Indian curry and the spicy food we get here. It is simply yummy!

Q: What does Moulin Rouge mean to you?
Popov Sergii &…

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