Identity Card-The bravest film


Identity Card-The bravest film from India on Kashmir wins three International awards
An intelligent cinema is one, which entertains and invokes a viewer to reflect on what the viewer saw, long after the film ends –extending the entertainment value, Synonymous to this definition Rahat Kazmi’s film Identity Card is based on the quandary faced by natives of Kashmir regarding the proof of their identity. 
The film recently won three international awards at THE SAN FRANSCISCO GLOBAL MOVIE FESTIVAL (America) including BEST FILM,BEST DIRECTOR and BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR, The film is releasing on 29th August in 48 countries. Identity Card is an independent film, which has so far travelled internationally and applauded as well. The Telegraph (Asian images) of UK quotes “Identity card is the bravest film which has come out of India in recent times”. A German newspaper critics it as “milestone in the path of changing cinema in India’…

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