By: Team SouBoyy, SouBoyy Bureau, India | Bollywood & Emerging Stars

I was browsing through my 25th birthday pics at Dubai Marina, it was one crazy night! I have a dear friend Ray from United States who is living in Kuwait and he joined me for my birthday at Dubai Marina. We were chatting about Kuwait with him while I was sharing the images from my iPhone. Suddenly, I got a call from Vaibhaw Agarwal of Broadcast Media who is handling the promotions for upcoming film “Identity Card” which delves about issues in Kashmir. Vaibhaw was persistent that I must meet the cast of the film, and I agreed after watching the trailer that seemed to be like a sensible film with a great script. I have my dear friend Moemen visiting me from Egypt, so I jumped into my denims and we both headed to London Street Cafe in Kolkata (one of my favourite places for sheesha) where we were welcomed by Mazhar (Badgujar). I met my dear friend Sana Erem, who is a Bollywood and Lifestyle reporter for an entertainment magazine based in Calcutta. I want to be honest, that I am a bit biased about this film because the script revolves around a Delhi-based journalist who is arrested by STF forces during a visit to Kashmir. I met the cast – Furqan Merchant, Tia Bajpayee & Prashant Gupta and we chatted about the film. Furqan who was born in Kuwait and bred in London told me about his intense experience, “Sou, the shooting of the film was quite intense from 6am till 6pm, as the scene depicts us as captives inside a cell in Kashmir. The script is very sensible unlike the stereotype Bollywood rom-com. Kashmir is not only about military and militants – there are common people who live there and they too have a story to tell to the world. And, it is worthwhile to put your one weekend watching a pragmatic film like this.” I truly agree with Furqan coz this film has won three international awards at the San Francisco Global Movie Festival, travelled internationally and applauded as well. I personally feel that Identity Card is one of the bravest film that explores the complexities of Kashmir with a touch of humour and irony – a milestone in the path of changing cinema in India. All the best Furqan, I wish you a blockbuster hit in your debut 🙂


Fuqran who is born in Kuwait and bred in London, now starts his journey in Bollywood. Best wishes from Sou Boyy 🙂


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