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20140501-034008 PM.jpgThe Queen of hot (As per GQ), Kangna Ranaut for the May 2014 issue of GQ India.

After Queen, Kangna is sure on the next step of her career. On this step, she seems to be choosing the things she does intelligently. Requirement of a good fashion sense in a leading lady is almost compulsory for Bollywood today. As Kangna herself admitted that an experimental fashion sense extremely important and she takes good care of the way she dresses up.

That’s something we all know, she has a unique sense of style. With Kangna it’s like you can never guess as to what is she going to wear at the next event, since she experiments way too much. And her fashion sense is surely among the best ones in Bollywood today.

Nevertheless, this cover, we think totally rocks!

20140501-033403 PM.jpg

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