Deepika Padukone in Dev R Nil | NDTV Indian of the year Awards 2014 |


Deepika Padukone’s most immediate public appearance after IIFA Awards 2014 is here. NDTV hosted its Indian of the Year 2014 awards this week, with stars including Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor .

And…and that’s about it. We know you need gossip but not in this post, at least. Maybe in the next post, who knows?

Lets head towards the place where you are going to find out what Deepika wore to the event, and guess where that place is? Right under this sentence. Yes! You guessed it right.

20140501-012100 AM.jpg
Deepika looked simple yet sexy (mainly because of the super fine red lip paint) in a Dev R Nil saari.

20140501-013007 AM.jpg

20140501-013013 AM.jpg

20140501-013018 AM.jpg
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