Restaurant Review: Dome Café in Dubai

By: Team SouBoyy, SouBoyy Bureau, Dubai | Food and Lifestyle

Sou Boyy & Saleem at Dome in Dubai

Where I am?

Well, I am at Dome Café in Bank Street, Bur Dubai with sadiqi Saleem and I am enjoying some coffee and chat after a long day at work.

Why Dome Café?

Well, Saleem and I both adore the happy and charming Dome Café as it is quiet here. This jameel Café is located on the busy intersection of Bank Street and Trade Centre Road in Dubai.

What to expect?

Amazing array of coffee, tea, muffins, cup-cakes, cheesecakes, chocolate cakes and the likes.

SouBoyy - Dome Cafe in Dubai

How do I rate Dome Café?

Well, I give it a 9 out of 10, and I do visit this Café often, as much as twice a week. Dome can’t expect to recreate the ambience or charm of a Parisian pavement Café, but for Dubai it is the next best thing.

SouBoyy Message –

The staffs are really friendly and the coffee is amazing, and I highly recommend a visit to Dome if you visit Dubai.


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