Tête-à-Tête with Mr. Solomon Vijayanand

By: Team SouBoyy, SouBoyy Bureau, Dubai | Business and News

This was certainly one of the most enlightening interviews ever taken, as there is no bigger compensation for a journalist when after every 10 words spent, comes a smile in your face. It is our Chief Enabling Officer Mr. Solomon Vijayanand, mentor and the man behind the force of SMC who has spent over two decades in the bistro of the corporate world. Mr. Vijayanand opens his casket in a candid tête-à-tête and gives the insiders point of view of the corporate world.


Did you ever think you will step your feet in the corporate world?

Strangely, I was clear on what I wanted in my life. I always had the desire to help the society and hence I finished my Masters in Social Work yearning to help people become more efficient. In the summer of 1991, I started my career with Titan Watches and landed myself in the Human Resource Department. Thenceforward, my work took me to Muscat wherein I worked as a Managing Consultant for IMC for over 7 years and it made me responsible for consulting and training delivery, client relations and the likes. In the winter of 2006, I moved to Dubai and opened my consulting firm and so far the journey has been fantastic. Dubai, being at the center of the world gives an opportunity to do great business and explore the talent wherein the East meets the West; the whole city is like one big World Expo.

What are some of the changes in e-era you have observed universally?

As much as we see change in technology, the irony is that people are still the same in their thought process – the cultures and the social norms still exists. Indeed, Google has replaced the conventional dictionary – any information you want, and it is made available at your finger-tips, courtesy the world-wide-web.

Did you see a change happening in 21st century with brand promotions?

If you look at FMCG goods and luxury items, celebrities play a big role to give a signature to the brand. If a celebrity vouches for the product, you identify him/her with the brand. Off late, popular bloggers in their own small way is influencing the consumers as they have a huge mass appeal and can influence the common man. Consumers buy for two reasons – logical and emotional. A celebrity endorsement has an emotional appeal to the consumers. One good example can be – in the autumn of 2011, Celine Dion released the 14th perfume from her Celine Dion Parfums Collection, called “Signature” and people related the perfume with quality as they relate Dion’s singing with excellence.

Give your views on the online influence that has become prevalent in this era?

Many consumers before making a purchase decision google the product or the services they want to buy. Often based on the online reputation and the customer’s feedback online one tends to make a decision. I think anybody who is literate and internet friendly will google and study the products that he would buy online. Supportive evidence in reviews makes the decision stronger for purchase.

Is it easy to find a good and popular blogger for most corporate houses to promote them online?

Well, since the internet is developing and growing in a dynamic way, there is always a shortage of quality bloggers. Bloggers in their own way and domain, connect easily to the online audience as they tend to have an infotainment way of promoting any news item.

One small concluding message for our readers –

I would suggest every brand and business to be visible online, as not being online does as good as not exist. Also, just being there means nothing as you got to engage with the internet population. So, I would recommend every business to have a strong online presence in 21st century.

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