Kay Kay Menon inaugurates the newly “WOK 123” in Mumbai

Kay Kay Menon inaugurates the newly “WOK 123” in Mumbai

The coveted actor Kay Kay Menon recently inaugurated the newly WOK 123 at Thane West this Monday. WOK 123 is a unique gourmet concept in India and it aims to target people who are particular about nutritious and wholesome food. The store contains fresh and high quality ingredients sourced from around the world and is pocket-friendly for all.

I am indeed delighted to inaugurate this ‘new-cook-and-carry’ concept to the masses and feel that this type of food will gradually become a trend in today’s time. You become what you eat, so it very important and crucial for us to give our body the right amount of nutrients that it deserves for daily activities. Body is temple and one should worship it,” divulged the Bollywood star Kay Kay Menon.

This is a brand new concept to our Indian consumers where they can decide what combination they want to consume. Since this concept allows the individuals to create fresh and healthy food in front of them, it permits them to remain fit throughout. We glad to introduce this new Asian cuisine in India and will have estimated 50 outlets across India in next 2 years,” added Vijay Dalwani, owner of WOK 123 whose brainchild will allow Indians to take benefit of this unique concept in Indian cities.


For more details and to get an insight, visit www.wok123.in