Bringing the positive effects of seaweed into Indian Homes

Portico New York & smartfiber AG, Germany announce their unique Association

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Portico New York, India’s leading home linen and soft furnishing company is pleased to announce their association with smartfiber AG, Germany, a state-of-the-art German company that specializes in the manufacture of functional cellulose fiber like SeaCell™. With the help of a patented procedure seaweed is permanent incorporated in the fiber. SeaCell™ forms the basis for natural textiles of high quality which exhibit well-being benefits for the skin.

 SeaCell™-fibers contain active agents of seaweed which allow a nutrient exchange between the fibers of the fabric and the skin, thus providing a long lasting effect of wellness and protection against environmental influences such as free radicals. The seaweed in SeaCell™- fibers also alleviate skin diseases like neurodermatitis or psoriasis and enhance healing processes in the skin. SeaCell™ also protects from premature skin ageing and are particularly well suited for application in all kinds of textiles. They are already being integrated in varied and numerous product lines of renowned international suppliers.

“Portico New York is the 1st and only home furnishing company to bring this innovative concept to the Indian marketplace. We hope that with this association with smartfiber AG, we will help our customers get a much needed healthful and sound good night’s sleep on our collection of bed linen that will be produced using SeaCell™-fibers,” said Arun Bhawsingka, CEO of Portico New York to SouBoyy.

 The SeaCell™-fibers are produced in a completely natural and environmentally friendly way. The fibers are developed using a solid integration process, where organically harvested seaweed is introduced into the cellulose fiber making it permanent. This manufacturing process ensures that the regenerative effects of the fiber – and ultimately the bed linen – will remain in the fiber even after several washing cycles. SeaCell™ provides the healthy combination of palpable comfort, numerous processing possibilities and good compatibility with other fibers in knitted and woven fabrics.

Michael Kohne, CEO of smartfiber AG says, “We are happy to have a close co-operation with Portico New York in India. SeaCell™ is a unique fiber with exceptional properties and we hope it will be liked by the consumers as in other markets. India represents a strategic market for us since it is becoming increasingly important as an export and domestic market for textiles,” divulged Michael Kohne, CEO of smartfiber AG to SouBoyy.

Extremely environmentally conscious, smartfiber AG brings the positive achievements of nature back to our homes. The European Union has awarded SeaCell™ manufacturing process with the “European Environmental Award” in 2000 in the category of “Technology for Sustainable Developments.”


Portico’s new SeaCell™-collection is very attractively priced between Rs. 5999/- to 7999/- and is available at all leading retail and home furnishing stores.


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