As someone who often stays at hotels in different cities, it’s very unusual for me to feel emotionally attached to a property. My stay at my temporary home in Thailand, the Diamond Residence, has got to be one of my favorite and memorable hotel stays so far.

Sou Boyy at Thailand Sou Boyy enjoyed the food of Anil Bhandari's Diamond Residence at Thailand

Did I enjoy staying at Diamond Residence? Yes, I love the place. Scoreboard: 9/10..

Did I find the Tariff pocket-friendly? Indeed, value for money. Scoreboard: 10/10.

Did I find the staff hospitable? Very Friendly. Scoreboard: 10/10.

Did I find the food and drinks at par? Anil (Bhandari) gave us great Indian and continental cuisines. Scoreboard: 9/10.

What I found Striking? The 24-hour assistance to almost everything that you want for a comfortable stay. Scoreboard: 9/10.

What can be improved? Keep Thailand Maps available at the Reception. Scoreboard: 9/10.

What are my Overall Remarks? A Must-Stay for all travelers who wants a homely experience in Thailand. Overall Scoreboard: 9/10.

Sou Boyy stayed at Anil Bhandari's Diamond Residence in Thailand Sou Boyy enjoyed a comfotable stay at Anil Bhandari's Diamond Residence

Diamond Residence is located at:

703/705 Silom Road, Opp. Narai Hotel, Bangkok 10500, Thailand. Phone: +66022360333 Fax: +66026353244Email: reservation@diamondresidence.in.thWebsite: www.diamondresidence.in.th

Special thanks to Anil Bhandari for his hospitality and the staff of the Diamond Residence for the extraordinary stay. I hope to visit you guys sometime in the very near future.