Monthly Archive: August, 2013

SabyaSachi Mukherji at Lakme Fashion Week’s Grand Finale

I know Sabya from 2011, when I saw his collection at Lakme Fashion Week, and I felt nostalgic about Bengal. And yet again, Sabya surprises me with something new, his designs speaks of… Continue reading

Reliance Jewels presents Ritu Kumar at Lakme Fashion Week

Nargis Fakhri looked gorgeous in Ritu Kumar at Lakme Fashion Week (at Grand Hyatt Mumbai). I know Nargis from her Kingfisher modelling days when she came to Bombay from Quuens (NYC), and she… Continue reading

DHL Presents Pria Kataaria Puri at Lakme Fashion Week

Pria’s collection at Lakme Fashion Week was called ‘Fast and Curious’, I know here since 2009 and just love her vibrant festive holiday collection. Every season she surprises me with her amazing prints!… Continue reading

Shantanu Goenka’s “KRUHUN” at Lakme Fashion Week

Shantanu Goenka’s “KRUHUN” at Lakme Fashion Week. SOUBOYY VERDICT: ROYAL, 9 out 10! “Kruhun” means black in Kashmiri, what that Shantanu’s ‘Kruhun’ means to you? Tell

MUSICALLY FASHIONABLE by Aarti Vijay Gupta at Lakme Fashion Week!

MUSICALLY FASHIONABLE by my baby ‘Aarti Vijay Gupta’ at Lakme Fashion Week! SOUBOYY VERDICT: A-LA-MODE AND ARTISTIC, 7 OUT OF 10! Do you love/hate Aarti Vijay Gupta? Tell

Manish Malhotra’s design at Lakme Fashion Week

Manish Malhotra at Lakme Fashion Week, August 2013


THAILAND, CURRENT AFFAIRS, HOTELS, TRAVEL As someone who often stays at hotels in different cities, it’s very unusual for me to feel emotionally attached to a property. My stay at my temporary home… Continue reading

Meeting Wiki people – Jimmy Wales and Sue Gardner!

I met Jimmy Wales (Founder of Wikipedia) and Sue Gardner (Executive Director of Wikimedia Foundation) at Wikimania 2013 in HongKong. I and Jimmy chatted about the success of Wikipedia in India and Indian languages, he said, “Sou, the success has been limited in… Continue reading

IIJW over! Wikimania 2013 coming soon! All flights leads to HongKong!

By: Team SouBoyy, SouBoyy Bureau, HongKong & Macau| Lifestyle I was in a catch-22 situation, one way my flight tickets and itinerary for the International Jewellery Fashion Week at Grand Hyatt hits my… Continue reading