Another Fashion Week in Bengaluru!

Last season, it was January, when I was invited for Bangalore Fashion Week, but I had to turn down the invitation as I had very important assignments clashing in Dubai on the same dates. Latter Feroz (Khan) who is the Director of the fashion week and the genius brain behind BFW updated me about the Bangalore Fashion Week World Tour – Bangkok Edition in March and I did not go as my dates were engaged.

What has succeeded to come to my notice? Now, I am flooded with updates of Bangalore Fashion Week and here it is in July 2013. They call it ‘GIVE YOUR STYLE A WEEK OF HIGH FASHION DIET.’

Did I find the last season interesting? Yes, the previous season did had some good designs worth praising!

Scoreboard? 7 out of 10. Bangalore Fashion Week has been doing good work. It needs lots of effort to come up to be at par with Lakme Fashion Week and Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week.

What I found striking? The Breast Cancer cause, I have personally supported i-Diva’s and Elle’s breast cancer cause and I feel that everyone has the right to get information to prevent such a disease.

What can be improved? Get more buyers, more press, more bloggers, MORE BUSINESS and more smiles! 😀

Will I be visiting Bangalore Fashion Week? I guess it would not be a bad idea to accept the invitation and visit Bangalore Fashion Week provided the experience is worthwhile and the time spent in the fashion week is useful. If I am in India and my dates are free, you might see me blogging from The Crowne Plaza, Bengaluru. Either I see you from Bangalore Fashion Week, or else I am sure to see you all at Lakme’s Winter/Festive 2013.

Is Bangalore Fashion Week worth participating for emerging designers? I am not going to delve about how much the big giants do great business, because after many years of covering fashion weeks in India and abroad, I know that my friends like Tarun, Manish, Neeta, Rohit and likes will always do good business whether they part-take in some small fashion week in Bangkok or whether they do Lakme/Wills, moreover biggies in fashion world get sponsors, so they get paid by fashion weeks like celebrities to take part and increase the fashion week’s glamour quotient. I am concerned about gen next and emerging designers, and I feel that fashion weeks in India outside Bombay and Delhi should concentrate more on the business and outreach quotient, and spend resources on buyers, bloggers, and press, (and less of Hindi film stars and more on fashion fraternity) so that the nouveau designers make some good business with the lakhs of rupees that they invest on participating in a fashion week. My advice to emerging designers, do check whether you will get good buyers and good media coverage on magazines, potent fashion blogs, newspapers, television, and if you feel you will get good visibility and business, then you might think of participating here apart from Lakme and Wills too. Make sure you make friends with international buyers, influential fashion bloggers, fashion editors and make connections if you part-take in any fashion week that is outside the fashion capitol of any country. My best wishes to the young designers!  🙂

bfw 001

Bangalore Fashion Week 9th Edition – Winter Festive 2013

What is Bangalore Fashion Week? It is a fashion week that had 8 editions at Bengaluru and 1 edition at Thailand and forthcoming editions planned at UAE and UK. BFW follows the practice of christening the fashion week event after the name of the city in which it is being held. It has been conceived and created by Feroz Khan (Director) with a vision to showcase Indian fashion industry worldwide. The objective of BFW is to make the designers visible in the media and create business relationships between designers and buyers, fashion editors, store-owners, etc. The 9th edition is scheduled between the 25th and 28th July 2013.  It includes Kingfisher after-parties, press conferences, designer product exhibit and fashion shows. BFW goes Pink this season and I simply love the colour and the cause! 🙂

bfw 002

Who is doing the Grand Finale this season? Bangalore Fashion Week is sponsoring Arjun Khanna for the Grand Finale. I personally love Arjun’s collection, be it his conventional sherwanis, kurtas to his a-la-mode jackets or chic shirts and trousers. I am glad that Arjun came back from London and I have seen his work, and Arjun is a good choice.

My Chat with Feroz:

Feroz Khan

What about the Pink Initiative? Prevention is better than cure, and I take this platform to spread the awareness of breast cancer as many women in India are suffering from this deadly disease!

What’s the agenda? Abhishek Dutta, a designer from Calcutta will be showcasing on 27th July a collection that will reflect the colours pink and white as it is dedicated to the breast cancer survivors.

What did Feroz select Arjun Khanna for the Grand Finale? To show that “Men are there to support their women’

MessageBreast Cancer is something that we together will fight and be a winner!

BPBFW facebook cancer cure

With an Objective to Support the Cause of Breast Cancer awareness, Bangalore Fashion Week goes PINK at the forthcoming 9th edition slated to be held this July 2013.

The essence of creating awareness of breast cancer is to facilitate early detection which is the key to fighting the disease.

Join BFW in this cause and help them reach out to the numerous women of the world who are affected by this dreaded disease.

BFW Pink Program..

  • 27th July 2013 : The Pink Line by Abhishek Dutta
  • 28th July 2013 : Work Shop on Breast Cancer by HCG Foundation & Pink Hope
  • Reiterating the PINK Hope Cause and In Support of Our Women, “MEN Are BACK” with Ace Fashion Designer Arjun Khanna at the Grand Finale of Blenders Pride Bangalore Fashion Week with His Exclusive “ALL Men Show”.
  • Get Involved..

    • 27th July 2013 at BFW will be a PINK Day.
    • Pick Up a Pink T Shirt or a Pink Ribbon or Donate to Support the Casue at
    • Promote the PINK Propaganda and show your support on FaceBook

And here for my blog friends, some pics from the previous seasons –

BFW 2012 Nari - Manish Loya

Here’s Manish Loya walks the ramp for dear friend Nari.

BFW 2012 Nari - Manish Loya 001

Here’s my friend Manish walks the runaway at Bangalore Fashion Week.

BFW 2012

Here’s my friend Kabir (Duhan Singh) walks the runaway at Bangalore Fashion Week.

BFW 2012 001

A sneak peak of last year’s runaway saga.

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