Chronicle: Calcutta to Cannes (Project Protocol fortnightly tabloid) and more…

By: Team SouBoyy, SouBoyy Bureau, India | Designers & Fashion

Nidhi and Sou at Nidhi's Engagement - SouBoy

Shagun (Nidhi’s fiancée) shot this at their engagement at The Park Hotel after we all had our evening supper. I am off tonight. Will be back after the 3rd. I shall miss this space desperately! Adios Blogdosts!


This appeared in the Project Protocol, a fortnightly tabloid today….


This is my friendly chat (adda) with my friend Agnimitra Paul, a Bengal designer who has made us all very proud. SWEET AND THE CUTE AGNI 🙂 XOXOXO

Project Protocol - Agnimitra 2 - SouBoyy

I love this headline given by Debanjan Banerjee, editor of Project Protocol for Ritu Da‘s article HEERER ANGTI stolen; it is sad, Ritu Da is gone, I had tears when I first heard the news, RIP Rituparno Ghosh!

Project Protocol - Front Page - SouBoyy

I love this newly launched tab in Cal, and I find it way better than some of the B-Town’s tabs, the likes of MM and MD! I like the fact that, it covers everything from India to US to UK, what’s essential read! 🙂

Project Protocol - Editorial Page - SouBoyy

I love the editorial by Debanjan (Banerjee), this piece is for all journalists (be it news or sports or fashion) worldwide, who does hard-work to bring news to readers. A section of the society (journalists) who are least written about, and Debanjan‘s editorial is thus a must read for all journalists and lovers of journalism! 🙂


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